This Scottish Viking usually keeps a low profile. Unlike many online stores, you have a name, and a face to Scottish Viking store. Your purchase will keep me designing, and this store growing with great products.

Scottish VikingThis store is operated by Roy Christopherson. All design concepts, artwork have been created by myself. The Family Historian for...eight years now, and owner and webmaster of www.christopherson.net.

The Scottish Viking. 7/8th Icelandic (branches going to the four corners of the Scandinavian world, with a good dose of Scottish, Irish, English, and Pre-Russian blood  to boot. 45th Great Grandson of Kenneth MacAlpin

On a recent trip with my travelling cousin, who is great on ideas including 'Soul of Iceland', there were no Tee-Shirts in parts of WA, Canada,, and even Iceland, that I wanted to buy. Nothing jumped out at me!   Having meticulously airbrushed 200+ T-Shirts long ago, and decades of commercial graphics under my belt, decided to offer apparel with a subtle twist on Scottish, Icelandic to Norwegian ancestors.

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